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About JJ's Bakery

Sharon & Nathan

JJ’s began operation as a bakery in 1989 in a small shop front at the Heritage listed Longford building built in 1834 by convicts as a flour mill known as “The Emerald Mill”. In 1903 Mill ceased operation, then between 1904 and 1989 the Emerald Mill was used for several  purposes including a sand and soap factory and a wool and skin merchants store and electrical shop.

In 2000 JJ’s operators decided to extend and opened café and upstairs area.

Sharon came on board in 1994, initially as a casual sales assistant and Nathan followed in 1997 at the age of 16 cleaning tins for bakers. The passion for baking and success began.

When the Johnsons opened a wine bar in Launceston in 2002 Sharon took on more responsibility as manager and took on admin duties for both businesses as well as customer service which was the position she loved the most. Due to the pressure that came from running both businesses Sharon and Nathan being the longest serving employees were given the opportunity to step up and oversee the Longford business. This is where their real passion for people, baking industry and success was born.

The Johnsons had built a very reputable business winning many baking industry awards and high standards had been set in all aspects of customer service and product. JJ’s had become an icon for Longford and was well known throughout the state. The expansion of the licensed café and outdoor dining an extensive breakfast and lunch menu had made JJ’s the place to go.

After being in business for almost 20 years the Johnsons were ready for a new challenge and it was time for them to move on. After much deliberation, Sharon and Nathan began their journey as JJ’s new owners in October 2008. They have continued to grow the business and are both hands on owners in all areas. Nathan - controlling bakers and production and always wanting to learn and update his skills and knowledge and Sharon managing the team and operations.

In 2010 Nathan went to the mainland and learnt the traditional procedure of producing sourdough and an artisan bread range. This was the first expansion as they began their wholesale bread operation from the Longford bakery on his return.

In 2013 the opportunity arose to open JJ’s in Campbell town. They decided to take on the challenge of designing and fitting out their first business together which they are very proud of!

With the growth of both Longford and Campbell town sites as well as the wholesale side of their business they were fast outgrowing the Longford bakehouse, they took the opportunity and moved all baking into what is now JJ’s Launceston Bakehouse in October 2015. The amazing bakers were rapt with so much space and equipment. So now all JJ’s product is produced by their own original bakers and transported to their shops each morning at 4am.

In December 2015 received an offer to take over a shop lease in the Kmart plaza in Launceston. After much deliberation they decided to take on their fourth challenge. JJ’s City Café was designed and renovated and they opened their third JJ’s shop front in April 2016

(Sharon & Nathan) - From 2008 when we became owners of JJ’s Bakery with 26 fulltime and casual employees, we are proud to we have grown to a staff of 70 fulltime and casual employees.

We credit our success to having an honest and open business partnership, Communication and knowing our business inside and out is priority. We also have store managers who are dedicated to our business and caring to our staff which results in staff who enjoy what they do which shows through their customer service.  Team work dedication to being hands on working along side our staff to mentor and train constantly helps to  keep the standard we have set. Last but not least, our product which is all made from scratch with top quality ingredients by our dedicated bakers. We are also proud to say that we have continued in the footsteps on the previous owners winning numerous awards for our produce.

We look forward to seeing you soon!